CEGNAX Inc. is a leading provider of a wide range of technology-related solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses operating across a range of industries. We offer cutting-edge expertise in software and application development, quality assurance and testing, staff augmentation, enterprise resource planning, middleware design and implementation, and cloud computing. Combining our experience, skills, and industry-specific knowledge, we aim to become the one-stop-solution for all IT-related needs of businesses.

Staff Augmentation Solutions

Fluctuating business cycles, evolving customer demands, and need for specialized expertise for short-term projects, all can cause you to look for temporary staffing solutions. CEGNAX Inc. makes the process of recruiting and hiring skilled and experienced candidates hassle-free and faster for you by providing you complete staff augmentation solutions.

Application & Product Development Services

The application portfolio of a business can be instrumental when it comes to driving innovation and productivity. At CEGNAX Inc., we help you eliminate manual processes and transform them with more responsive and efficient software and applications that drive results and strengthen your business. Using our proprietary approach to application development, we ensure you accelerated solution delivery and provide you with an application that eliminates functional bottlenecks, improve your workforce’s efficiency, and add significant value to your business.

QA/Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of application testing and quality assurance services that include everything from ensure that the front- and back-end of an application is working as intended to performing an end-to-end security check to ensure compliance and confidentiality. In addition to this, we also offer performance, usability, and compatibility testing services, revealing functionality and incompliance issues and ensuring seamless navigation and exceptional performance.

UI/UX Design Services

At CEGNAX Inc., we develop user-centered, creatively intuitive designs that attract and retain visitors’ attention. Paying special attention to the macro and micro details of a design and leveraging on our understanding of human behavior, we create a solid digital experience that becomes your competitive advantage. Based on the findings of extensive research and understanding of your business goals, our designs are characterized by exceptional functionality, smooth navigation, and eye-catching interfaces.

Middleware Services

CEGNAX Inc. understands that managing and implementing middleware can be time-consuming and complex. Therefore, we offer you complete middleware management services that include everything from middleware strategy and design to its implementation. Using our product knowledge, experience, and skills, we optimize the value of your middleware investment and promise you low-cost, risk-free accelerated implementation.

Cloud Solutions

CEGNAX Inc. can help you enjoy the unparalleled accessibility, scalability, and cost-related advantages of cloud computing by offering you cloud solutions that promise you an agile, cost-effective, risk-free migration. Whether you want to migrate your applications and data to a hosted-private cloud or a hybrid cloud solution, our experts can help you take your first step into the world of cloud computing by providing you with a tailor-made, simplified, and secure cloud solution.

ERP Solutions

CEGNAX Inc. improves resource utilization and facilitates better reporting and control by offering you access to leading enterprise resource planning solutions offered by Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft. Our experts perform an in-depth review of your business processes, your technical environment and your reporting needs to provide you unbiased advice and a reliable ERP solution that fulfills your resource planning needs in a cost-effective manner.