With customers’ increasing needs for customization and reluctance to pay more, adapting to the digital age of technology has become a necessity for the manufacturing industry. CEGNAX Inc. delivers custom-made technological solutions to manufacturers, helping them fulfill the needs of customers while increasing the efficiency of their processes. From ERP applications to improve resource utilization to cloud computing solutions that can help businesses modernize their IT infrastructure, we offer a range of IT solutions developed specifically for the manufacturing industry.

Banking and Financial Services

CEGNAX Inc. designs personalized IT solutions for banks and other financial institutions, helping them offer an improved experience to their customers, while ensuring their compliance to all rules and regulations. The IT solutions and services offered by CEGNAX Inc. to the banking and finance industry are developed keeping the business- and technology-related challenges that banks face every day. Offering functionality- and compliance-related benefits, the focus of our IT solutions and services is to help our clients offer the next-generation financial services to their customers.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Operating in a cut-throat business environment, retailers constantly strive to grow their consumer base while keeping the operating costs low. CEGNAX Inc. helps businesses operating in the retail industry deliver their highest performance in demanding market conditions. Our focus is to offer solutions that not only improve efficiency by automating the day to day processes, but also deliver a good ROI, helping retail businesses extract more value from their technology investment.


With an increased focus on value-based care and adoption of cost-saving initiatives, healthcare providers, as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics companies are looking for new, innovative ways that can help them deliver quality care to the patients in a cost-effective manner. CEGNAX Inc. makes this possible by helping healthcare organizations employ methods to scale their IT infrastructure, invest in applications and software that enable automation of care delivery processes and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Travel and Hospitality

The convenience of online transaction, increased number of communication channels, and personalized packages offered by service providers all have contributed to increased international travel. CEGNAX Inc. helps the travel and leisure industry benefit from this amazing business opportunity by delivering them customized IT solutions that enhance their interaction with customers at every touch point and help them deliver a superior experience. From developing applications that allow travelers to make reservations online to migrating legacy applications to the cloud, we offer a wide range of solutions to the hospitality industry.


CEGNAX Inc. helps businesses cater to the diverse learning needs of their employees, customers and other stakeholders by delivery engaging, interactive, and visually appealing custom-made e-learning solutions. Developed to offer an intuitive learning experience, the applications and software developed by our experts offer the same high-quality experience on all devices, and are therefore perfect for today’s on-the-go user.