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First-cut of CEGNAX’s Vendrel Application was released for Vendors

The innovation center at CEGNAX released the first-cut of its new custom relationship management platform ‘Vendrel’. Being a technology-driven, forward-thinking IT firm, CEGNAX has consistently invested in the development of innovative IT solutions for enterprises. In addition to Vendrel, our developers also introduced a cloud-based Employee Management System and a Client Management System, which is being used by a number of companies that are a part of our client base.

Vendrel, which is our latest innovation product, will help businesses find and attract new customers, strengthen relationship with the existing customers, and reduce the cost of marketing and client business. The platform will help vendors manage their multi-channel communication with customers and offer customers with a more timely and personalized customer service.

CEGNAX Launches a Cloud-Based Employee Management System

CEGNAX has launched a fully web-based employee management system that will help enterprises save the time spent on attendance tracking and employee management. This complete cloud-based solution has been developed keeping the needs of today’s geographically dispersed workforce.

With more and more employees working from remote workstations, it has become increasingly difficult for enterprises to keep track of employees’ attendance and engagement. This not only affects the team performance, but also poses difficulty to the management when it comes to developing payrolls and conducting appraisals.

The new cloud-based employee management system introduced by CEGNAX will offer better visibility to the managers of an enterprise, helping them conduct fair evaluations, as well as take timely measures to improve their workforce’s productivity. Since the system is completely web-based, it offers easily accessibility to the users and offers the same level of functionality on all devices.

CEGNAX’s New Client Management System will Help Enterprises Manage Their Strategic Relationships with Clients

Designed for enterprises that are looking for a quick and easy way to manage their clients and projects, the new client management system introduced by CEGNAX will help businesses improve their strategic relationships with clients and increase their client retention ratio.

The system will offer businesses easy access to complete, up to date information of the entire client base so that they can track their interactions with clients and provide them with efficient, superior-quality services.