Development Models


This model focuses on continuous communication and collaboration between the developer and the client, and is therefore suitable for application development projects where clients have very specific requirements. In addition to this, Agile also enables accelerated delivery of the project without any compromises on quality through incremental software delivery, with each release building on previous functionality.

Extreme Programming

Extreme programming is an agile method of software development that focuses on delivering the best-quality end-product to the client in the shortest possible amount of time. Unlike traditional development methodology that conducts planning, analyzing, and developing in a linear manner, extreme programming runs all the processes side by side, allowing the developer to make incorporate the changes requested by the customer in a quick and cost-effective manner.


It’s a sequential design process where everything right from conception and analysis to development, testing, and implementation is done in a linear manner. This engagement method is best suited for heavily-regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance, primarily because it stresses on meticulous record-keeping. In addition to this, the predictable nature of the engagement model also offers more control of the process and makes it possible for the client to know what kind of end-product they can expect.

Pricing Models

Extended Team Model

This pricing model is best suited for businesses with ongoing software development needs. When you opt for this model, our team works in close partnership with you as an extension of the IT department of your business. Depending on your precise needs and your preferences, you can either work with our team on a co-development project or assign the full responsibility of the development project to our experts.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed-price model is suitable for small software development projects with clear requirements and defined cost and time constraints. Choosing a fixed price model offers you greater predictability in terms of budget and time required to complete the project. However, when opting for fixed-price model, it is important that you make your expectations and requirements as clear as possible so that our team can provide you with a more accurate project timeline and a cost estimate.

Shared Services Model

It’s a unique pricing model that allows businesses to leverage on advanced technologies without spending a huge sum of money. However, as the name implies, the services and solutions are shared between more than one customers.

Delivery Models

Onsite Delivery

CEGNAX Inc. uses the onsite delivery model, which means that we position our skilled professionals on your site so that you can communicate your requirements to our team in a quick and efficient manner. The continuous interaction in turn allows us to understand the client’s expectations and deliver the desired outcome.